DIY Reversible & No-Sew Pet Blanket for Less Than $20

If you are like us, you chose to have a pet for companionship. And what better way to bond with your pet than snuggling on the couch, right? We also frequent the park and other pet-friendly places, so we want to protect car seats too. Some pets have sharp claws and nails that can scratch/puncture your furniture. Let’s not forget about the hair! 

Dogs That Originated in The United States of America

For many years, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers have been the most popular breeds in the States. Some might even consider them to be an iconic American dog! However, not a single one of those breeds originated in U.S. So we thought it would be fun to take some time to learn about (and celebrate) the dogs that were "Made in America."