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Positive and Passionate Pet People

That's who we are. Whether you are an employee, customer or follower, your experience with Petculiar should be a positive one. At Petculiar, we believe pets bring out the best in us and we will do everything we can to showcase the best of them. 

A Curious & Creative Culture

At Petculiar, we are taking a unique approach to how we look at pets through our products, our advocacy and our blog. The culture at Petculiar encompasses an atmostphere that is passionate about staying curious, being positive and, most importantly, championing for pets. 


Petculiar Careers

Unique Approach to Pets

We are taking a unique approach to pets by focusing on a lens that looks through niche categories. Lifestyles and cultures vary for every pet, and we want to capture that from all around the world. And in a world where there's a throwback on DIY, we can focus on crafts for pets and pet people. And most importantly, we serve as a platform for Pet People to advocate for their pets. 

Located in Austin TX 

Austin, TX is known as one of the most pet-friendly cities in the US. With a growing list of retail stores, restaurants and communities welcoming pets, we are proud to call Austin, TX home.


Open Roles

There are no open positions at this time.